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I’ll let you lead the way now Cause I want you to take the wheel I’ve never been a passenger though I never knew how good it could feel The road will twist and turn but I know that I am in good hands I’ve never been a passenger no But we’ll see more without a map ♛ (en Living Legend ♛)

I never promised you a happy ending You never said you wouldn’t make me cry but summer love will keep us warm long after our autumn goodbye, autumn goodbye autumn goodbye ♛ (en Living Legend ♛)

Baby, I can’t believe everything Your body makes me wanna do And the way that you move on the floor Now I think I’m in love with you Grab my waist Wanna get with the rhythm and that move you do Switch my hips on the floor Baby slow to keep up with you ♛ #TheHookUp @britneyspears (en ♛)

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